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Handicaps Explained...

We have a large membership who are all eligible to join the Monthly Members Handicap Competition provided they have submitted at least five score cards for assessment.  Some new members have been somewhat perplexed by the methodology employed particularly why members with the same average can have different handicaps.  The answer is quite straightforward when related to an example:

Two people shoot three rounds of 100 targets.  Shooter A scores 74, 75 and 76 whilst Shooter B scores 70, 75 and 80.  Clearly, they both have an average of 75 but Shooter A has a higher probability of being closer to the average than Shooter B in the next round.  The mathematical standard deviation from the average score is therefore taken into account when calculating the individual handicaps and all this is related to the overall standing Club maximum score.   The identical formula is applied to all members therefore it is possible for members with similar averages to have different handicaps.

The system operates most accurately when twenty cards have been submitted and then the calculations are performed on the last rolling twenty results.  The program is based on 100 target rounds therefore members shooting more or less than this figure should pro rata their score to 100.

Members who wish to be included in the Club statistics should ensure that their full name is clearly written on the card and the total score (ex 100) shown. Cards that do not comply are not entered into the database.

Annual Eric Knott Memorial Competition

The annual Eric Knott Memorial Competition was held concurrently with the March Handicap Competition on 10/11 March 2012. This years winner was Pam Hall. See the Gallery for the photographs.

Samantha’s Memorial Competition was held on Saturday 12/13 May. The winners are listed on the results page.